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  • Game by game thread with stickys

    Considering the problems people have had especially with starforce games, maybe a new topic column in the forum with f.a.q's for people trying to run particular games.

    Pop for instance has been discussed to death and it can be a real chore seiving through numerous threads to get the answer you're looking for.

    If a problematic game as popular as this had it's own dedicated thread in another section research would be a lot easier, and less of a nightmare for the mods having to re-direct people to threads made weeks ago

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    That's a good idea, we'll definitely take that into consideration.

    We know that it's pretty chaotic sometimes lately, and we have some ideas how to change that, however the top priority right now is the development of the upcoming versions of Daemon Tools so it may take some time I'm afraid.

    Still, thanks for the suggestion!
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      Now this is a great idea!