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What do you think of the new design/website?

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  • What do you think of the new design/website?

    Just curious

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    I wanted to bitch about the menu, that it stole width from the forum, but then i noticed the enable/disable button. I have to say Sweeeet.
    The site looks great.


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      The Disclaimer is added soon, also another Theme - the good, old Darkness Theme for people like me, who love the darkness


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        sorry if this has already been answer before but I can't seem to find it on any post with a search. I have to ask whatever happened to the old domain? What's the reason for moving to Just curious...



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          This is for Daemon Tools Team ears only

          No, serious, we had slightly problems with our old hoster and want to be more independent. As you surely noted, in the past it was often a problem to reach our old domains. So the answer to your question is simply: because of technical reasons, that's all.

          Now everything lie in our hands and in our hands alone


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            I like the new layout and the color better than the old site

            2 Thumb's UP for the webmaster :woot:


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              I like it very much.

              So much in fact that I wish to ask what portal was used for this phpbb site. I read in another post that it's nuke-something. Is that the postnuke or php-nuke?

              I'm looking to implement something similar to the left side menu here. I like the auto-hide too.

              Thanks in advance for any info.



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                No, it's not postnuke, it's custommade, so I'm afraid you can't obtain it anywhere. We thought about the possibility of phpNuke, but decided (for several reasons) to make our own portal, as you can see in the copyrightnotes at the bottom (sitecopyright) :=)


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                  Thanks for the info.

                  *Sigh* I really like the portal here.


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                    I like it very much!
                    Abel K.


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                      Generated white light is medically bad for your eyes. This is why for many years and from long ago all web sites used to use a dark theme with muti-color text and graphics.
                      I know people that have permanent eye damage from spending too much time looking/working at a monitor with too bright a background and graphics. This is a medical fact. I have special shields over the front of all my monitors purchased at office and computer supplies that protect the eyes from ignorantly designed web sites with too much white or light.
                      It is just like a lesser form of staring at the sun, but over time will still do the damage.



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                        [ironic on]

                        yes, maybe that's the reason, why we implemented a Darkness Theme, just adjust the themes in your Profile and your eyes are protected even without your "shield" :mrgreen:

                        we do everything just to make you happy

                        [ironic off]


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                          EXCELLENT!!! Easy navigation. Easy Menu's. Everything well organized with a lot of very good common sense. INTUITIVE is the word I think fits your web site the best. I have never gotten lost in the links here.
                          Thanx again for DT's.
                          Also, for when anyone has to surf a web site with white projected light, a shield can be gotten at Fry's Electronics, or, or Office Depot. They all sell them. Make sure you get 'glass' with plastic frame, and NOT that clear plastic junk in the middle!!!
                          Best buy I have found so far is Fry's for $15.00 US.
                          Thanx again for the proggie's and a very user friendly site!!!

                          isepiq 8)