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Please remove mandatory post moderation for newbies

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  • Please remove mandatory post moderation for newbies

    This is ridiculous, I wanted to become a member of this forum so I could help answer people's questions and get my own answered, and now I have to wait hours to get a post on the message board because of some moderator's power trip?

    The forum registration FAQ says only register if you're going to post, so clearly people who post are wanted, why then this draconian entry procedure?

    I wanted to reply to a poster who had problems getting Star Wars: Empire at War to work, well I had the same problem, found a solution, wanted to post it but could not, so now this guy has to suffer because you won't let me post immediately?!

    In just some brief searching of this part of the forum, I've found tons of people complaining or at least confused over this policy, this is not supposed to be an exclusive club, it's supposed to be a community, well it certaintly doesn't feel like it with this mandatory moderation for newbies to the forum.

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    This moderation is to prevent people from asking help about downloaded images (as these questions obviously do not get passed the moderation).


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      Downloaded/warez-images were not the main issue for this.
      Unfortunately the behavior of some users required the moderation. The alternative would've been to shut down public support forum for un-registered users, thus only registered customers would've forum access.
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        I think, it's needed to prevent people from registering only to begin spamming...
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