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WhenU can get the TRUSTe label, but would Daemon tools fail?

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  • WhenU can get the TRUSTe label, but would Daemon tools fail?

    I noticed this article (posted in this forum) and i think that DT would probabely fail if it wanted to get a TRUSTe label, even though whenU can get the label.
    In the last several years, WhenU revised its policies in an attempt to reduce the chances of non-consensual installations. Even so, the company again had to tweak its practices before TRUSTe certified the company. Among the most significant changes, downloaders must now check an opt-in box or otherwise affirmatively indicate that they consent to the installation. Before, that box indicating consent sometimes was pre-checked, so that consumers had to affirmatively opt out if they didn't wish to go ahead with the download.
    If i understand it correctly, DT has an opt-out policy (you have to disable the toolbar if you do NOT want it) and therefore DT could NOT get the certification. Is this correct?
    Not that it really matters, but somehow i find this a bit ironic .

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    I found alot ironic

    Well, the above cite is related to the fact that you must opt IN
    to install WhenU - and that is also fact for DT-version
    (you must opt OUT to bypass the WhenU and Searchbar-
    Installers completely, but even if you opt IN you will be asked
    if you want to install WhenU SaveNOW in a SEPERATE dialog).

    Apart of this: I agree - we couldnt care less about TrustE


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      how come my other 2 comments about TRUSTe aren't on the forum while my last post (this topic) is already here for like a couple of hours Are you just taking your time or is this censorship :P.


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        this is because we are all very busy here, therefore it's possible
        that there's a longer delay until your posts will appear.
        It also depends on which forum you post and how many moderators
        are currently available. ALL postings are scanned.

        And yes - we censor posts indeed! E.g.: You post about illegal
        copyright-infringements, you post e.g. illegal screenshots -
        in such cases we indeed censor your postings.

        What I found in your comment the most ironic is that especially
        YOU made alot of statements in the past that would on most
        websites qualify for censor-measures. And? Did we censored
        that? No! BTW: I send you a personal message


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          my mistake, it seems you guys use a lifo stack for checking messages. My newest post was really evaluated first.