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No "Add Or Remove Programs" entry after install?

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  • No "Add Or Remove Programs" entry after install?

    I've just installed DT 4.09.1 x86 32-bit (on XP), and notice that even though I was able to uninstall DT with the shortcut in the folder, DT did not have an entry in the "Add Or Remove Programs" control panel, nor did the WhenUSave. The problem is that DT is uninstalled, but I have no way of uninstalling the other programs.

    My question is, why wasn't an entry created in the control panel, as others seem to say it should, and how can I remove the WhenUSave program if an uninstall option wasn't created?

    Thank you.

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    Did you opt out when the license agreement came up for WhenU? If it is installed, and is not in the Add/Remove Programs list like you say, then it sounds like something got goofed up during installation. Since the installation apparently didn't work right, you could use a tool like Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy to remove it. Both are free downloads and work well.

    As for DTools not having an entry in Add/Remove Programs, this is normal and is done to avoid certain blacklists.