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How do I unhook IE from Daemon Search?

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  • How do I unhook IE from Daemon Search?

    I wanted to try this Damon Tools software. I downloaded and installed. SAID NO to the search bar install. Tried the program for 1/2 hour and then uninstalled it from ADD/REMOVE programs. Now my Internet Explorer start page goes to this URL each time I open it.


    I tried to reset it sevral times in the IE / TOOLS / OPTIONS and each time I reset it it comes back to the above link. Can some one tell me what's the deal with this software? Is it spreading virus's? Am I now doomed to forever NOT to be able to use IE simply becuase I wanted to try this Daemon Tools thing? I am not a happy camper.

    Can someone please help me restore my IE.

    Thank You

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    Try to set a different homepage


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      could you please type here what is your default page URL after installing DT Lite 4.11?


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        Originally Posted by Alco View Post
        could you please type here what is your default page URL after installing DT Lite 4.11?
        Did you read my first message? NO I MEAN, did you READ my first message? It's clearly typed what my default start page is NOW. Before I installed it was Yahoo.

        And it's all a moot point because I had to format the drive and re-install the OS due to your misguided attempt at creating revenue.

        So tell me what happened to the post where I replied to the fellow about resetting my start page? Now youre only going to post messages that you like? Man I am so dumb founded by your peoples actions. The only reason I stopped back here is because I find it almost comical with regard to your business model choices.

        You could have done a multitude of other things WITH OUT offending your user base. In effect you have destroyed the good name of Daemon Tools. I can not think of any other company in recent years that has so completely destroyed itself in the name of profits.

        You might consider hiring a PR person to put some spin on this and do some damage control because if you do a search about Daemon Tools in Google youre getting some pretty nasty press. Although I tend to think it's to late.

        It's only a matter of time before you close up shop and move on to another project. Just chalk it up to a lesson learned. Do not offend your user base or your user community.

        Have a great day


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          if you do not wish to tell us your IE version and version of DT Lite then how are we supposed to help you?
          (could you not edit the home page settings in in your IE browser:
          Tools->Internet Options->Home page)

          it is the first complaint of such type: we never heard before from DT users that there are some problems with

          of course if there would be any more complaints we will look into this problem.