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The free D-tools. Adds to be? or Adds not to be?

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  • The free D-tools. Adds to be? or Adds not to be?

    We understand that its uncomfortable to give good stuff for free but we also know that it is the way D-tools made its name.
    I'm not sure of how much profit is raised for the Adds in the free version but theres allot of experience in these matter around the web and its in some cases it proves to be more efficient to put a HUGE - "DONATE" button instead of harassing users with adds.

    Besides the apart where somebody always to cracks it, removes the adds and releases it to public its a well known fact that most people hate adds and they would even turn to pirated version to avoid it.

    Not that i give a damn while using D-tools once every 3 months to mount something, but unlike me people that use it regularly do care.

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    There aren't any ads in latest DT Lite.
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