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Sigh, I don't understand what the big problem is..

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  • Sigh, I don't understand what the big problem is..

    There are people complaining that even though they uncheck the box, the adware still gets installed.

    I have downloaded all versions of Daemon Tools Lite since the optional adware was added into the installer, and not once have I had the adware installed after unchecking the box upon installation.

    Obviously these people aren't doing something right, and only think they've unchecked the box for the optional adware.

    Not so much an issue now that the adware has been removed from the latest versions in light of the optional search bar, but I thought I would post this tidbit about my experiences.

    For me Daemon Tools still remains the best CD/DVD emulation software available, I would purchase the pro version if it weren't for the major difference between the USD and GBP currencies. I live in the USA and it is quite a bit more expensive for me to purchase the pro version.
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