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    First of all, let me say I've been using your software for a few years now with little to no problems. The Free version offers easy mounting from the tray which I've always found useful.

    Now. The reason I'm writing this. Today I received an automatic update message and chose to upgrade. In the installer, I specifically UNCHECKED ALL FOUR boxes (as I always do), see here. To my surprise, I found IncrediBar had taken over search, new page and new tab inside Firefox AND added three plugins (one of which CANNOT be deleted).

    Guess what another user wrote...
    Originally Posted by tss View Post
    You are wrong on 2 points:

    - I unchecked everything that is related to toolbars and such obviously malware software during installation, and it managed to install itself! The "useful software" I found is incredibar, I remembered UNCHECKING the options to install it (there were 3 of them), and it still altered my browsers search engines/default pages. I reverted back to the originals but continued the search and found 3(!) different applications (incredibar toolbar for IE, IB updater, and the third is called sth similar, IB...), even though I did not want them on my computer, and you said those were optionals. No, those were not.
    - These toolbars are very-very far from useful. All of those are malwares altering the default options/installing themselves without questions. I know it's not easy to make high quality free software, but letting these ***** infections into the users computers is a really bad habit in my opinion!
    After some searching, I found that there's no f***ing way to uninstall the INCREDIBLE INCREDIBAR, the easiest solution is to uninstall and reinstall the entire browser (and add-ons, and settings, and certificates and a ton of other s***)

    Since your Mods claim it should not have been installed, it makes me wonder if guys even know what the F*** it is you're offering to people.

    You lost a long-time user today and believe me, not the only one. Either you stop forcing crapware on people, or there won't be any people left. Because it's no problem to uninstall and just go with one of your many competitors.

    Now I'm off to reinstall Firefox which will take me more than a couple of hours...

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    Please have a look here:
    I'm also absolutely not happy with that kind of behaviour; all i can say is: always be attentive during any installation process.

    To check if there are any remains you can use e.g. this app: Téléchargements - Outils de Xplode - AdwCleaner
    I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.


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      Seems i've missed that part before:
      Originally Posted by incrediFU View Post
      Since your Mods claim it should not have been installed...
      I said in the other thread that one must click Cancel in the Confirmation window instead of OK.
      Originally Posted by incrediFU View Post
      Either you stop forcing crapware on people, or there won't be any people left.
      It's no forcing, but that "Uncheck & Cancel" requirement is definitely NOT good.
      I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.


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        I've been a happy Daemon user for years until recently. I was about to say the same thing as incrediFU, incredibar sucks. Seriously. I know it's a rather common practice, even Cnet does the same thing BUT users are not happy with that. Since I can't remember exactly I won't argue, maybe I didn't pay too much attention during the installation process but that's only because I trust you guys. Incredibar is a VERY persistent program or should I say malware? Anyway, it took me almost an hour to remove it from my computer. My firefox was so f**** up I actually thought it was virus. Just take a look here: Remove MyStart by IncrediBar (Uninstall Guide)

        Scroll down to the part "Remove MyStart by IncrediBar in Mozilla Firefox". I had to reset firefox settings manually, that's the only way to remove incredibar COMPLETELY. I'm just willing that this won't happen again with Daemon or any other software. Peace!