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Regarding Wajam. A minor rant.

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  • Terramex
    Originally Posted by Monsor View Post
    Do you know the status bar at the bottom of firefox/your browser that gives a brief synopsis of what the browser is doing/loading?
    Not sure, but maybe you simply missed the status bar was removed in one of the last Firefox updates.

    Either way, maybe something like this can help:

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  • Monsor
    started a topic Regarding Wajam. A minor rant.

    Regarding Wajam. A minor rant.

    I needed to mount an .iso so instead of installing my horribly outdated version of Daemon, I decided to get the newest free version from your website.

    As much as I understand your need to package advertisements/bundled software to fund your wonderful program (I honestly mean no offense with this; Daemon has been the only virtual mounting software I've used for 8+ years and it's great), but personally, Wajam has taken it too far. Not only had they hijacked my browser's homepage without my permission (firefox), they also changed my New Tab settings to automatically load their stupid search engine page - which I also don't recall being prompted to allow. As well as changing the default search engine box in the corner of my browser. All, without my permission or knowledge.

    So now as I browse through my running processes to make sure I've gotten rid of all my bloatware (YOUR bloatware) I notice another thing that's piqued my interest - CltMngSvc.exe; "Search Protect" by Conduit Ltd. A browser hijacker; illustrated by the bullshit autoresponses (and diminished response time of my browser) telling me that "Wajam is exactly the software I need" in all the ad-supported search returns. Do you know the status bar at the bottom of firefox/your browser that gives a brief synopsis of what the browser is doing/loading? That's gone, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to put it back. Thanks for that. I'm sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm damn well irritated.

    More honesty here: I've blacklisted software for much, much less. I love Daemon, and I want to love Daemon, but if I knew it came bundled with all the extra bullshit I would've saved you the little bit of bandwidth and just used my outdated version. The aftermath of installing your software (and ipso facto Wajam/"Search Protect") left a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm embarrassed to have referred my friends to this software for god knows how many years.

    Please have decency and either make Wajam stop their illicit (and most likely illegal) beneath-your-nose adware/hijacker installations, or collect funding elsewhere. What this software does is unacceptable.

    Until I know this ass-backwards adware bundle is gone, I have no choice but to recommend MagicISO instead....or something else; I honestly don't know, but this isn't going to cut it.

    Rant over. I'm sorry if this had offended you, but I'm rightfully pissed.