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    Originally Posted by LocutusofBorg
    To make myself clear once again:
    you have THREE options:

    1) install it with adware
    2) install it without adware
    3) purchase license - and get adware-free version
    It's perhaps a little bit off-topic, but I bought DT and I can't found an ad-Free Version. There is a Version in the Customer-Downloadsection, though it contains the ad-ware...

    It's not really a problem, but if there is a version without it, I would download it...


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      Until they get the serial system in place, even the customer version has the adware package. Just deselect it during install to skip over it. Once the serial system is fully functioning, then we'll see ad-free customer versions again.


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        Because the customer version of DT 4.0 was leaked from day one by some thoughtless person, version 4.3 was released the same as the public version with adware included. As @Jito463 says above it has been posted that the customer adware free version will return


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          not what you do

          For some people "it not what you do, but what you haven't done" these types are never happy with anything one does... thanks be that there are not many of them.:wink:
          Thanks for all the hard work.