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SaveNow has virus!

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  • SaveNow has virus!

    SaveNow has virus! I have found 5 virus(and counting) when scanning with NOD32 and todays update! This is BAD!

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    theres various threads already on this topic, some anti virus programs mark savenow as viral/trojan, the dt team etc.. claim it is fine however and doesnt merit the trojan/viral characterisation... search a little
    my views are 100% personal views..


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      Think yourself lucky, i d/loaded the new edonkey client today, this comes with a MANDATORY "when u save" little ditty.

      Fair enough you can block it with your firewall, but it won't uninstall properly.

      Savenow is not a virus but adware by nature. The problem with anti-virus programs at the minute is that people aren't satisfied if their searches come up negative, so they put in checks for adware, cookies etc just so it looks like it's doing something.

      Really grinds my gears actually, especially with spybot


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        "Mandatory" is simply a matter of perspective, and if you have enough time to reverse-engineer the installer