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Why cant we opt out ?

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  • Why cant we opt out ?

    Just downloaded the lastest version of daemon tools
    (brill piece of software by the way)
    One question tho

    Why have a check box for the search bar when even if you UNCHECK it , it still installs the search bar?

    It also does not have any listing in add/remove programs to remove it.

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    For me it does not install any searchbar when I unchecked it.


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      I agree with DomiOh about the checkbox performing the way it should.

      Look in the Add/Remove lists for a program called WhenU. And you can always install it and then uninstall it if your system got screwed up and you don't have an entry in the Add/Remove programs listing.
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        The Search Bar will NOT be installed if the checkbox is disabled, and moreover the installation can still be cancelled by just pressing the cancel button at bottom right of Search Bar EULA.
        The missing entry in software add/remove is most likely due to some anti virus or similar, which prevented correct installation.
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          know what happened

          HI folks,
          Thanks for the replys , I just installed it on another computer and yes indeedy it did not install the search bar when it was unticked.

          Last night the installer did not correctly start after the initial reboot ( gave it 2 minutes and still no installer poped up)
          I then manually double clicked on the installer to get the ball rolling UNTICKED the search bar tick box and installed daemon tools ( along with the search bar which DIDNT have any uninstaller listed in the add remove programs)
          So mystery solved -> installer bug maybe ?


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            If you want to confirm some sort of installer bug you'll need to install with all virus scanners and spyware protection disabled (as per Copytroopers note above about an external program that could have deleted or denied access to some of the installer's files).

            And before you say fix the installer to deal with external security/spyware programs: it would be a bad thing if any installer started to disable external real-time protection programs. So disabling those programs is up to you.
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