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  • Obey The Rules!

    Dear Community,

    we have been noticing a dramatic increase in new accounts that are only used to post spam, and a lot of newly registered accounts that are used to violate rule#1 as well. Everyone posting here has accepted the rules, but many break them anyway.

    Again, to all those people: You are wasting your time, as well as ours. The forums are moderated, new posts need to be confirmed by a moderator before they become visible.

    Apart from that, some people seem to think they need more than one account, for whatever reasons. This is unnecessary, it eats up server resources (yes, 70,000 registered users do make a difference just by signing up), and it makes it a lot harder for us to enforce the rules.

    To sort out those multiple accounts and to remind you that you should not take the right to register here for granted, we have decided to close registrations for now.

    Should you urgently need to register an account, write an email to, and don't forget to include the reason why you need an account.