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  • Obey The Rules!

    We recently got emails of users that asked us why they got banned from forums.

    Again - please FIRST read the forum-rules.

    Also a reminder:

    If you buy ONE copy, it is according to more or less EVERY license-agreement of most games NOT allowed
    to use MULTIPLE installations at SAME time. PLUS: you are only allowed to use a safety copy, if you are
    OWNER of the ORIGINAL version. And that means, you can't e.g. RENT your copy to someone else and play
    with safety copy.

    Do not blame us - it is common behaviour nowadays. Here at DT-Portal we do NOT support above mentioned
    methods to circumvent such license-questions. If you want to play against e.g. your friend, TWO UNIQUE
    licenses are needed.

    It is sad that we must point out that again.

    To post about above mentioned problems leads to a direct ban of your account! Please keep that in mind
    BEFORE you post