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  • Warezquestions/Downloaded Images

    Hello Community,

    it isn't funny anymore to see more and more of this silly questions or
    requests asking for help with downloaded images or cracks!

    We CAN'T support you and we WON'T support you! We think it's cool to
    buy software you like and use! Daemon Tools isn't designed to support
    pirates! Pirates aren't welcome here! WE develope software, what did you
    expect ??? We respect every developer! Even if we could help with
    warezimages, we WON'T HELP!! If you dislike a company, if you dislike
    a software - DON'T use it, DON'T buy it. But don't download it and use
    it for free! This is the best and the only way to show the power you have
    as a consumer. Every other option only let us ALL suffer from more and
    more restricted laws. With every dumb question here requesting for
    warez chances increase that some day, only registered users can access
    Daemon Tools and this Board.
    Think about it!