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Mounting image via gadget: Subfolder issue

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  • Mounting image via gadget: Subfolder issue

    I collected all my images from different folders in DT Pro, and in order to keep it clear I moves them to different subfolders in the DT Pro GUI. As long as I mount images that are not moved to one of these subfolders, everything is fine. But as soon as I mount an image which lies in a subfolder via the gadget, the next time when I want to mount another image via the gadget, the "mount image" button opens not the image catalog, but the folder where the image which was mounted recently is physically stored. I always have to navigate back to the image catalog. Personally, I would prefer to always open the image catalog. Thats what its good for, isnt it?
    If this is a feature rather than a bug, fell free to erase this message.

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    Thanks for report! This problem will be discussed with dev team.