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What to do if problem occur!

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  • What to do if problem occur!

    Operating System: WinXP
    Burning Software: Nero 6
    Anti-virus Software: NOD
    DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

    I'm not part of support team or creator of this program but i read this forum alot and see same question pop up all time!

    If problem occur, first try search on this forum, u be suprised how much info there is here about maybe your problem or similar that might have solution!

    If not, post problem here with as much info as possible, more the better then send (if u got one releated to specific crash/problem) your minidump, file windows create with info about crash that occured (in Windows\Minidump folder) and send it to with reference to your thread.

    like myself i never hand any problem with daemon, so if problem occure don't spam here how bad this software is, be nice and u get help you need, usually there is driver or another program that using similar function that interfer with daemon, many problems have been solved by our wonderful team that making daemon, they really nice guys, so treat them that way also

    and last thing, don't ever post any warez/crack/hack info here, no one intressed and besides not allowed either, keep it to yourself or another forum that allow it!
    On first day god created universe...on last day humans will destroy it!

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    nothing to add, except: well spoken, Laser!


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      Here are some solutions to common problems i found, right now it's not many but hopefully i will have time to fill list up!

      Q: driver have invalid name or conflicts with other file or service in system..

      *Think line below is the most typed line ever seen in this forum and it's written by Copytrooper!*

      A: Check thread abour error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.

      Q: Computer reboots imediately after installation of D-Tools and/or u get error msg "No Language support detected."

      A: Well known problem with Starforce drivers. Check thread about BSOD in SCSIPORT.SYS in common problems and solutions forum.

      Q: Not really error question but still annoying! "When is new version of D-Tools gonna be released?"

      A: Don't ask....authors will tell when it gets released!

      Q: I can't mount image files or when i mounted image and try open it, my program crash!

      A: Un-install v3.47, check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove leftovers from previous installations. Reboot after the procedure, then re-install v3.47, and try again!

      Q: Is there any support for XP 64bit or will it ever be?

      A: No and yes, no support yet, but problay will be in future version!

      *More to come!*
      On first day god created universe...on last day humans will destroy it!


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        Q: I get this msg when trying to play from mounted image "CD/DVD emulation software har been detected. Please disable all CD/DVD emulation software and re-start the game"

        A: 99% of time it's "CloneCD's Hide CD-R" media function that is causing it, just disable it!.
        On first day god created universe...on last day humans will destroy it!


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          Promise SATA150 TX2plus controller

          Operating System: Win XP / 2003 .net
          Burning Software: Ahead Nero 6
          Anti-virus Software: Mcafee 8.0i
          DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

          Q: I recently purchased a Promise TX2 or TX2plus controller and installed Daemon tools 3.47 (or Alcohol 100%/52%). When i start my computer windows still loads, but it stops and gives a black screen and my computer reboots after a while.

          A: The problem may occurs when an image remains mounted when you restart/shut down your computer.

          If you can no longer load windows try this:
          Load windows in safe mode and press escape when asked to load the d***bus.sys driver (*** -> daemon tools version number).
          Remove/rename the d***bus.sys driver in your \WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder. Restart windows in normal mode.
          Uninstall and reinstall Daemon tools.
          Now you should be able to try the next step.

          Simply uncheck the option Automount (right-click the daemon tools icon in the traybar). To be on the safe side, check the Lock DLL option too. The problem should no longer occur in the future.


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            I just wanted to add one thing:
            The problem with reboots directly after(during Daemon-Tools installation (or a blue screen instead of a reboot,... in fact the reboot is caused by a bluescreen) is NOT affectedly concerned with Starforce drivers.
            I have the exact same problem (Blue Screen when installing) after a fresh Windows XP installation! I have no single game installed, and yes I even tried to use Starforce removers, but there are no Starforce files on my PC!
            So this might be a problem with some Microsoft hotfix perhaps?



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              I also had the same problem when i tried installing, it restarted and asked me for the windows installation disc to repair.. it had removed two windows files.. This happened both times i tried to install daemon tools but computer works fine after repairing. It doesn't seem to be a major issue..


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                I got problem.I cant post "new thread" in "Common Problems and Solutions" thread.....


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                  Originally Posted by Barrex View Post
                  I got problem.I cant post "new thread" in "Common Problems and Solutions" thread.....
                  Only forum administration can post in "Common Problems and Solutions".