Some network images and images mounted by DAEMON Tools from compressed/encrypted volumes may not work with StarForce: you may get "Conflict with emulation software detected" message.
Similar issue sometimes may occur with images located on RAID (expecially software) volumes.
All images on Intel Matrix Storage controllers in RAID/AHCI mode which use iastor.sys driver are affected, too.


StarForce 4.70 may completely lockup system for times up to 3 seconds until request arrives from CDROM: kernel thread scheduler is stopped and no thread (even real time and critical) can be executed. This may prevent access to such type of files because they need interaction with OS which is practically dead. This is not a problem with DAEMON Tools but rather Windows compatibility of StarForce protection which stops all processing inside OS to satisfy own selfish tasks.


Relocate your image to local storage formatted with pure (non-compressed and non-encrypted) NTFS or FAT file system. Also since version 4.11 most network images should work fine.
Alternatively you can burn images as is to CDROM or DVD using CDFS or UDFS file system and mount from there or burn images with RMPS emulation option in Alcohol 120%.