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Support for mounting .daa image files and editing disc images

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  • Support for mounting .daa image files and editing disc images

    Support for mounting .daa image files would be much appreciated, considering poweriso is not free. Also some capability for editing disc images such as iso would be much appreciated.
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    An image format cannot just be "supported" if it's proprietary. They can only support it if the company that created the format chooses to release the necessary information.


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      Already requested support for PowerISO daa images in a topic located 4 below this "support for more formats".

      (yes, poweriso is not free, but how did you make a poweriso image without it, or where did you get it?..)


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        Not going to bother anymore about supporting those image files. Because now I know poweriso copied everything for daemon tools. Tried poweriso out and it's a piece of crap, first of all it's not free and it's still crappier then daemon tools which is free,that's really sad.


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          Yeah, .daa would be awesome but, hey, that's life. No one would pay 30 bucks for PowerISO anyway.


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            vendor lock-in

            this is another sad example of attempted vendor lock-in. while applications such as daemon tools strive to support the most number of formats in order to facilitate interoperability, there exist applications such as poweriso that attempt to muscle their way into ubiquity. many times these attempts are met with dismal failure, simply due to the product's lack of value. sometimes, the product is so innovative and unique that the attempt succeeds and becomes a standard. but rarely does that occur without opening of the protocol. acrobat/PDF is a great example. and sometimes, the ubiquity of the application/protocol is directly responsible for its ubiquity. ms office/word being bundled with new OEM PCs is a great example here.

            people should open their eyes and stop using poweriso, particularly if poweriso is resorting to draconian tactics regarding their file format. even microsoft (gasp!) has embraced interoperability in some regards with the latest office xml format.


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              That's really bad !

              I understand poweriso had stolen literraly your graphic design or everything else, but when every normal user will meet a daa image, he will directly download poweriso, so it's bad for you as he cannot convert this file.

              Look at rar, zip and 7z example. Winrar and Winzip doesn't support 7z, but 7z support them both, so 7zip is gaining more and more popularity. The boycot would have been efficient in other cases, but not in this one. Here, it is more "destructive" for the concurrence companies to support their format. Don't believe that boyocotting the daa format will lead users not to use this format anymore.

              Supporting this format should be a power, not a weakness. Show that you can support every disc image, and you will gain notoriety.

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                erm, i've opened 7z files in winrar no problems... ->

                " 15. 7Z added to list of formats stored without compression when using -ms switch without a parameter."

                also, on 7zip site...

                "Applications that support 7z archives include WinRAR, PowerArchiver, TUGZip, and IZArc."

                i guess you need to update your winrar, of course winrar mightnt support all the compression options in 7z, but im sure it will.. and 7zip's gui is utterly awful....

                and the issue is that poweriso 'stole' stuff from dt (though im not totally up to date on this story), so why should dt contact them to support their poxy format... theres no logic in that..
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                  Support to use Daa format

                  Pismo File Mount can mount daa file format verywell
                  & it's free to use unrestrictedly.