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Spyware in Daemon Tools Lite installer?

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    Provide clean installation without any junk

    I'm a newbie and program worked then stopped working after only making two ISO files of software DVDs that I own. Reading forum posts about extra programs being installed (sometimes seemingly without permission) it is very frustrating to sort our whether this program is worth the few dollars I paid for it. If you want people to have confidence in your software then make it very clear and easy to understand during installation what is being installed; allow people to choose - opt in; if not then give easy way to abort the installation. If this were clearly thecase then I'd be happy to recommend your software. You need to choose your business model and different companies approach things differently - so this is just a suggestion from one new user.


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      Let me share my experience with the latest versions of DT in the past few days. Two days ago I have installed your product to my laptop, full of work and sensitive data. After that, in the morning, I started working for the first time. It was a surprise when all my three browsers (IE, Chrome, Mozilla) were changed with new start page. Trying to understand what happened I found a new icon among the hidden on the task bar. There was no uninstall option and each time I reinstalled the browsers or cleaned their preferences, it restored it self again to "MYSEARCH" homepage, search provider and "SAFE BROWSING" hidden icon. Then I found that the new "adware" actually took administrator privileges and is making all these changes. With the help of another software I've tried to clean all of the registry keys for the past 24 hours. What a surprise - a restore point was created. The surprise is that the restore function was always turned off! Then the HDD indicator turned on and didn't stopped. I've checked and saw in the upload traffic that the new "gift" by DT was sending data. Immediately tried to delete the data, token from my office as a homework but here was the next surprise - "some of the files are in use or write protected". Obviously the new adware was reading the files with bank accounts of clients, passwords, offers, invoices etc.
      Finally reconciled with it and pre-installed the laptop. Thinking that it's from something else I've downloaded again DT and very carefully installed only the program. Once again the MYSEARCH virus appeared with the "PRO SURF" hidden icon. All the tries to remove it would take more time than the pre-install but I'll never be sure 100%, so started a new installation of WINDOWS 7. This time I downloaded the DT PRO and wanted to use the trial version. Again "MESEARCH", "PRO SURF" administrator rights etc. Finally I pre-installed for third time and didn't used DT. There is no problem to the moment.

      It cost me more than 8 hours efforts, lost my daily work, don't know how much data and for what purpose was sent to somewhere, lost my daily profit of at least 8 consultations etc. Daemon Tools are participating in criminal act. The man of law in the office is keeping a record of the event in case of fraud or leakage of personal data. DT lost me and all my colleagues as a clients and owe me more than 100$.

      PS: I'm not an end user - not so long time ago ended my 10 years of enthusiastic participation in overclock tournaments, using Debian distribution in command line etc.