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Spyware in your Free Version Install

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    I registered on the forums just to express my displeasure with this abhorrent practice.

    I recently installed Daemon Tools Lite for Windows 7 x64, taking care not to select any options to install anything but Daemon Tools itself, and guess what? I discovered I how had some crapware called "Search Snacks" installed.

    This horrid piece of cruft intercepts HTTP streams en route to my browser and rewrites them, inserting irrelevant advertising links and embedded videos of its own choosing. A most dastardly and underhanded feat indeed.

    I have the strong urge to track down the responsible party, drive to their house, and ring their doorbell at 2 AM and then run away.

    I used to recommend Daemon Tools to ppl who had a need to mount disk images in Windows. You can rest assured I will not be making any more such recommendations.


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      I have the same problem, beside I don't think its a problem, I think its kind of criminal.
      Unchecked evereything during installation I found myself running a new Search Engine (Omiga plus, which is declared a virus) in my Browser, also installed on my system.
      Also Conduit Search protect has been installed.
      So if you really tell me that this is a bug and it has been installed because of the bug, than you should change your job. I am programmer and I know how easy an installer is created and that there is no room for a 'bug' to don't recognize the value of a checkbox.
      Second, if these adware, malware is chosen by you as 'partners' than I only see a criminal intend in this. Just google them and you will find what kind of applications there are.

      So I loin the posters above, and will never ever again install any of your software on my computer.