Daemon-tools Lite

Alcohol 52%
Alcohol 120%
CD and DVD Burning Software - Alcohol Soft copy and virtual drive software Alcohol 120 and 52% Free Edition

Ultra-Fast Virtual CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drive Emulator
Ultra-Fast Virtual CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Drive Emulator

DVDFab Virtual Drive
DVDFab Virtual Drive -- emulates up to 18 drives and works with both DVD and Blu-ray images.

Original CD Emulator
Virtual CD software - create a virtual CD-ROM with Original CD Emulator,Burn Music to Virtual CDRW

KernSafe iSCSI initiator, Virtual CD/DVD-RW Emulator, Virtual Encryption Disk and Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Emulator All-in-One free software.

Phantom CD
Virtual CD/DVD emulator - Phantom CD let you mount ISO as a virtual CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

Phantom Burner
Virtual Blu-ray/DVD/CD burner drive, create data or music disc image from any burner software

Virtual CD
Virtual CD

WinCDEmu - the easiest way to mount an ISO. And more...