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Make DTL really LITE again

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  • Make DTL really LITE again


    I would prefer it very much to have the option to just have the Task-Agent of DTL, and not that extra windowed version that opens every time I start DTL (With the Intention of just starting the Task Agent.)

    I don't need or want it, and
    it's an incomvenience to have to close that window evertime I need the Agent,
    (It's like a pop-up ad on the internet.)

    A would prefer a DTL that really is LITE/LIGHT,
    and not overloaded with unnecessary extra features and visualizations.

    In other words: I would like the slick, low key DTL back, that the program used to be.
    At least as an option. Nobody can argue against that.

    There is a reason to choose DTL over DT pro or DT Ultra.

    PS: How many versions would I have to go back to have a version of DTL that doesn't have that big extra windowed instance?