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PLEASE Make it Possible to Mount IMAGES as Directories...

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  • PLEASE Make it Possible to Mount IMAGES as Directories...

    Hey Guys..
    I have one big problem. No Mount Program is able to Mount Images as Directories.
    That would be very usefull in my case.. because i need to mount several Backup Images in one Virtual Drive.

    Could you tell me please if that can be possible.

    So.. Mounting Image as Directory would be the coolest Feature!!
    If it is possible... how many Images am i able to mount at one Virtual Drive then?? the drive must be larger than a DVD-R or whatever.. so i think it should be a Virtual HD Emulation


    Greets and please respond with your thoughts about that..

    lOw rEnZo

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    If you use ntfs, you can mount a device to an empty directory via diskmgmt.msc.


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      Never tried it..
      how is it workin. are there any hints and tips.. have not found anything ?? please help. ? that is too complicated i think. do you mean that you can mount images or virtual daemon tool drives?

      thx dude, greets lowrenzo


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        You can mount any cdrom to an empty ntfs directory. So you can mount an image, and then mount the virtual drive to a directory.

        If you go into diskmgmt.msc, and right-click on daemon drive (in lower pane), then click "change drive letter and path", you will see option to mount to empty directory.