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MP3 support.

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  • MP3 support.

    From the FAQ:
    Can i mount an AUDIO cuesheet which refers to MP3 files?
    No, the files must be in *.wav format. We cannot see any sense in mounting MP3 files as they can played directly from HD anyway.

    Now, I do see a point to supporting this... As a lot of people(Including myself) use Daemon-Tools chiefly to play games... A lot of games employ CD audio, as of course you know. But, trackchanges and the like are often changed from within the game. Triggered by a level change or something. A lot of people(Again, including myself) enjoy listening to music other than what's by default on the game CD. More specifically, our own collections of music. Now, instead of wasting a CD-R to burn a custom CD to play to, or having to waste a massive amount of harddrive space to make *.wav files of the music available, it seems to stand to reason that allowing *.mp3 playback would just be a nice feature to have.

    Besides, you can just play WAV files directly from HD anyway. :P

    Thanks for any consideration you give this.

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    Then burn it to a rewritable media!
    That's for sure no reason to implement MP3-support. Again - implementing MP3-support to DAEMON Tools is VERY, VERY hard and would need probably several months of work. MAYBE it's done one fine day, but I wouldn't count on it!
    Moreover this forum is for NEW sugestions - not to demand the same old things again and again!