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lingering drive, operating without daemon

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  • lingering drive, operating without daemon

    heh, I uninstalled and upgraded daemon tool, as part of my lingering problem with windows registry and language support detection, but never mind that. I had a drive operating and image mounted as I changed the version, so now I daemon does not recognize the drive as one of its creation and I need to know how to unmake the it. I cannot check properties of my cd drives, corrputed drivers maybe, so a direct approach is needed.

    I do not rmember theversion I created the drive with, current its

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    Uninstall Daemon from Control Panel and reboot. What you see in device manager? If you manually tampered with your registry then it is 'at your own risk only' and we don't support this, surely you knew what you did.


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      I tried that quick and easy answer already, and the drive is still in there, called V386 Stealth DVD, if that is not what daemon creates, then I don't see what it matters whether it's in the device manager, it would be still accesible to me and still operating even If I remove it, right?

      no, I removed the mentions of daemon the program, but not the drive it created. I know that is more of a problem then registry checks. Besides, The extra drive was there before I tampered the regestry, so it its still a daemon problem

      yeah, you found me out, I don't know anything about registry and drives, only how to remove a program from it, but still, any further comments?


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        Check what SCSI controllers you have. After you delete unneeded conroller the drive will disappear.


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          thank you for your help