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Internal Error 2352 on installation - sorted now.

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  • Internal Error 2352 on installation - sorted now.

    Hello there.

    Great job you guys are doing with Dameon Tools keep it up.

    Unfortunately I have a problem.

    I recently got the No language support error message after foolishly using a registry cleaner and so I tried to re-install Daemon-Tools 3.26 over the top to try to fix the problem. When I did I got the error message Internal Error 2352.

    So I tried uninstalling Daemon-Tools only to find that there was no uninstaller so I just deleted the folder. Same error when I tried to re-install. Then I took a look at teh registry and removed any references to Daemon-Tools. Still no good.

    So does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem as I'm lost without Daemon-Tools. I'm sure it sounds like a registy problem and I've tried installing older versions and keep getting the same error message.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok I fixed the install problem by reinstallling win98se.

    Now the problem is that I have a virtual drive that I can't remove because it isn't associated with the new Daemon install. I've tried deleting the device and uninstalling Daemon but the drive remains.

    Any ideas on how to remove the drive?

    Thanks in advance.


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      Ok I removed the SCSI controller and that seems to have done the trick.

      I should've used the search button more wisely.

      Everythings OK now I think.


      Thank you and goodnight