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  • By the way...

    I can also translate to Russian in addition to Ukrainian. I did not check Russian translation you have but I've seen complaints on the forum saying it is far from ideal. Or I can judge which one is the best if you have several of them.

    Russians will go mad if they find out about that.

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    thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Russian language is currently being handled by already appointed guys (in a few days I hope we will have updated "rus.dll" file).

    Regarding Ukrainian: yes you can make a shot and make your Ukrainian version!


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      I've been making Ukrainian translations since version of 4.3. Links to all of them were posted to "Daemon Tools Translations" thread of "Daemon Tools Suggestions" forum folder. My translation of version 4.3 is available in downloads section at your site. My complaints to LocutusOfBorg were one of the reasons for version 4.09.1 release. My translation for 4.10 has been made long ago, mailed to Locutus and posted to "Translations" thread.
      So, thank you for your suggestion. ;-)


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        Originally Posted by oder2 View Post
        My translation of version 4.03 is available in downloads section at your site.
        Well, it was available. It was even available for some time along with Translation for 4.09 by Konstantin Myakshin. But it seems to be removed already .