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Someone interested in spanish lang?

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  • Someone interested in spanish lang?

    I think i can do the translation for spanish in DT... if someone can hear me...
    I did the steps requested one month ago, but nothing happened.
    1. Log-in to your forum-account
    ---x Done!
    2. Go to your "User Control Panel" (click in the navbar at the top OR in the left sidebar "UserCP")
    ---x Done!
    3. Under point "Miscellaneous" you find "Group Memberships". Click on it!
    ---x Done!
    4. You see a group named "DAEMON Tools TRANSLATOR", check the box behind it ("join group")
    ---x Done!
    5. IMPORTANT: the board ask you why you want to join this group (REASON) , please fill in there exactly for WHICH language you want to translate!
    ---x Done!
    That's all, your request to join Translators-Team is processed by our staff! If your request is accepted,
    you receive a PM to your board-account!

    ---x Waiting...
    If your request is NOT accepted by our board-staff, then you will see
    that your request does not exists anymore and your rank
    is still the same (and of course you will NOT receive any
    PM from us!). In this case "the boat is full" or you have
    maybe violated in the past our forum-rules, an infraction is
    still valid or other reasons leaded to that decision. In any
    case please do not request then again for group-membership
    unless we clearly say so in translator-forum (e.g., the official
    translator leaved the team, we need more "manpower" etc etc).

    ---x Waiting... I can see this in UserCP: You requested to join this group 10.10.2007 at 11:32.
    The request is still pending.....

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    Maybe the admins forgot your request. Hopefully they will see that thread and do further steps.
    Elfen Lied - unangefochtene Spitze der Animes.
    Habt ihr was an der dt. Sprachdatei zu meckern?
    Schreibt mir eine PN!
    If you've got questions that do not concern to account or hardware incompabilty stuff, you can write me a PM. Otherwise use our forum!


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      Also I have sent a spanish translation in september, but I am in the same case that pedator, without any response.


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        yes, there was a slow processing of new translators lately.
        From now on it will be processed within 2 days!!

        That should be much more serious for those who support us with
        their translations - and more fair. We definitly think that such
        users with the will to help deserve far better support.

        That said, we processed ALL outstanding join-requests for

        I ask everyone to check her/his status again. If there is now
        already translator-tag in your profile and your name appears
        in our translators list, then you're in. If your name is not shown
        on the list and you're still do not have translator-status in
        your user-profile, then please check if your join-request is
        still pending. If there is no join-request anymore, your
        request is denied because we have already enough translators
        for your specific language.

        e.g.: you asked to help us with (just an example!) german
        translation, then please check first if translator for this language
        already exists!
        In the past, we got alot of requests for (again, only examples)
        german, spanish, hungarian or russian - although there are
        already translators and even language-files available for download!

        Please understand, that we process partially this automatical
        and do not send out special email with text like "sorry, we
        did denied your request" or something similar.

        Same is valid if we accept your membership - you will notice
        difference only when you check your userprofile and your
        name should be in the list, too.

        Of course you will notice also that you can use PM out of the
        box, also when you have not reached 20 posts. Additionally,
        you can use bigger avatars, more PM's can be stored and
        you can upload files to our board!

        The upload-funcionality: this is very important, as we do
        NOT accept anymore external links to other sites. All language
        files must be uploaded to our forum directly. Links to external
        sites will be deleted, the user receive an infraction for it
        (this means the user cant post anymore for 1 week but is
        still capable to read and download here). This is NOT a ban!
        It is an infraction to underscore the importance of above
        said (do not use external links!)

        We even make soon important announcement for it and explain
        why we need such harsh forum-rules now (to make long story
        short: we had too much annoyance from spammers & co.

        Thank you for your understanding!