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  • DaemonScript Clone Anyone Interested

    alcohol120 52

    requires net framework 2.0 or above i believe

    so far only tested on xp 32bit

    gauranteed to have plenty of bugs

    post here if ya interested

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    i uploaded it as torrent so get bitcomet or other client

    DaemonScript Clone ScripterNite 29-06-2009 : Software > Windows - CD/DVD Tools - Mininova


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      new version

      DaemonScript clone ScripterNite v1.1 29-06-2009 : Software > Windows - CD/DVD Tools - Mininova

      read included text file for fixes


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        torrents not working

        so go here

        2shared - download ScripterNite v1.2.7z


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          latest version here v1.3

          2shared - download ScripterNite v1.3.7z


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            So far so good.
            There's no point in questioning authority if you aren't going to listen to the answers.


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              v 2.0

              heaps of fixes and changes

              2shared - download ScripterNite_Installer_v2.0.7z


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                heaps more fixes and changes

                2shared - download ScripterNite_Installer v2.1.7z

                changes v2.1
                changed some more button images
                added messagebox for waitforapp if running a script and the file does not exist
                change the icon dropdown box in create shortcut form
                icon dropdownbox in shortcut form now only displays 1 item for each application in the list(waitforapp and runapp)
                fixed the way recent items get reordered
                added save button dropdown for recently opened and saved scripts
                now save a shortcut anywhere windows will let you
                added email so you can send bugs
                added messagebox to help diagnose script problems
                added 'timeout' for 'waitforapp (note 0 = timeout disabled)
                press 'Ctrl' and 'Page Up' keys while using waitforapp or delay will popup message asking if you want to exit the script
                changed all the error messageboxes to an exclamation instead (not so loud)
                changed delay to seconds from milliseconds (make sure to correct any scripts containing delay items
                or you will be in for a long wait)if you get caught just press the 'Ctrl' and 'Page Up' keys to exit the script.
                added version number on about screen
                checks to see if autorun is permanently disabled in windows and offers a fix
                few other things cant remember them all
                hopefully havent introduced any new bugs!


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                  2shared - download ScripterNite v2.2.7z

                  changed exit script keys to 'ctrl' 'alt' and 'f12' press all 3 simultaniously during delay or waitforapp only
                  fixed small bug introduced in v2.1.. new button did not work if the script did not need saving
                  fixed another introduced bug where you could only open daemon tools pro scripts
                  added sound when you save a script just to confirm it saved
                  few other things


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                    email [email protected]

                    2shared - download ScripterNite v2.3.7z

                    new dialog added if you can create a shortcut in the specified location
                    can now import and export scripternite registry hive (in options)
                    now can move the about screen
                    some other things


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                      email: [email protected]

                      2shared - download ScripterNite v2.4.7z


                      added change icon dialog (also adds shell32.dll to the 'Icon Path' list)


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                        Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?


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                          Originally Posted by bigdog660 View Post
                          Hi, I'm very interested, but can't seem to get it to work on Windows 7 x64. Maybe because the program path is "C:\Program Files (x86)"\ instead of "C:\Program Files\"?

                          never tested on windows7 but have you tried it without the installer let me know where the problem is and ill try fix it for you


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                            Sorry for the late post. Tested on Windows 7 x86, and all works well. Will manually install on Win 7 x64 tomorrow. Im now 99% sure the regular installer "setup.exe" does not recognize 64 bit machines.

                            A updated installer or correction in the install script should fix this problem, but let me verify it first.



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                              Okay, here is the deal with Windows Vista x64 (I assume) and with Windows 7 x64 (my o.s.):

                              To get this to work, I needed to create a ScripterNite directory under

                              [B]C:\Program Files (x86)[/B]
                              and then manually unzip ScripterNite (SN) to

                              C:\Program Files (x86)\ScripterNite
                              Now if you just do that, and try to run a SN script, you will get the following error:

                              The virtual drive you have choosen does not exist! Exiting script.
                              To avoid this error, you must first click Options in SN, click Dameon Tools Pro or Lite (which ever you have), and change the path from C:\Program Files\... to C:\Program Files (x86)\...

                              Now try running your script, and everthing should be fine. I'm sure if the author of this fine tool were to use an install routine than recognizes x64 operating systems, this will become a non-issue.