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pci cards and pci express cards

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  • pci cards and pci express cards

    HI...was just wondering if you can use pci express cards and pci cards together on a motherboard..

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    Yes, as long as you've got each type of slot available...


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      Sure, you can use e.g. a pci-e gfx card and another pci card (lan,wlan,sound,...) at the same time.
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        Speaking of pci-e when will pci-e 2 become available?

        I'm thinking of either building a rig or going with one of those custom build websites and I would wait a little while in order to get a pci-e 2 mobo and graphic card.

        Of course if pci-e 2 is quite a ways off then I'll just go with straight pci-e.


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          I've heard 2008 according to the roadmaps.


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            Originally Posted by Jito463
            I've heard 2008 according to the roadmaps.
            Actually that's good news for me. Now I don't have that as an excuse for holding off getting a new machine.

            Is there any new hardware just around the corner that might make it worth my while to wait a little longer?

            I would hate to get stuck with some old technology when some new one are imminent. Like when PCI-e supplanted AGP.


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              Well, more than likely PCIe v2 will be backwards compatible with PCIe (much like later revisions of AGP were generally backwards compatible with the early versions save for the 3.3v to 1.5v transition). As for new technology, Nvidia just released their next-gen DX10 card, the 8800. Ati is also working on a new DX10 card, but I don't know when it's supposed to be released.


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                I am trying to do this same task.

                I have a dell 560 and i want to run three monitors.

                I have a dull monitor card in my PCI-e slot and a single monitor card in my PCI slot. How do i use both of these together? It is only letting me use one of them. I am not playing video games i am only using my monitor for charts for day trading analysis.

                I have moderate computer sence so please respond with that in mind. Thank you


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                  Can someone please help me?? I've tried seaching everwhere i can on the internet and all i find is that it CAN be done but no one explains HOW it can be done and if no ones knwos how it can be done can someone atleast show me where else to look, forums, sites etc... Thank you, anyone, in advance.

                  If it helps i have windows 7 and the video cards are invidia