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Windows XP32, SP2 cannot boot if I replace my video card.

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  • Windows XP32, SP2 cannot boot if I replace my video card.

    Hello everybody, my first post here...

    I'd like to report a strange behaviour i've encountered with DT.

    First of all, a little info about my configuration:
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2600+
    MB: Asus A7N8X Deluxe, (Nvidia NForce2 Chipset, AGP 8x)
    RAM: 2GB
    Video card: Geforce 2600 AGP, 256 MB RAM

    I've been running DT v.4.33 Lite until a couple days ago and everything worked fine... then I decided to buy a new video card (Asus HD4650, 1 GB RAM), so I uninstalled the Geforce, and...

    After installing the new card, I'm not able to reboot my PC!

    If I try to start in safe mode, the boot hangs after asking "press ESC to stop loading SPTD.sys" (I press ESC, of course). My only chance is to reset the PC and reboot it with "Last known good configuration" (which means Video Card -no matter if ATI or Nvidia- with Default windows drivers).

    The situation seems very similar to those described here in the Forums...
    but the most curious thing is: if I replace my RADEON card with my old Geforce 2600 and reinstall Nvidia drivers everythig works fine again!

    The problem persists with both the original ATI drivers (catalyst v.9.2) and those provided by Asus (they are made by ATI and redistributed by Asus, indeed) and, of course, it disappears as I install the Nvidia drivers.

    So my question is: do you know of similar problems occurring with ASUS/AMD hardware/chipsets and ATI HD-series video cards?

    I owned other ATI RAdeon cards in the past (a "9500" and a "X1550", both on this same system) and never had such problems with Daemon Tools, so I think it's something related to the most recent ATI models.

    Hope you can provide me some hint to solve this and that my issue can be of some utility to you in order to improve the BEST CD/DVD emulation software I know.

    Best regards,
    Max - Italy

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    Update: installed DT LIte v.4.35.5. Problem persists


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      Boot with your Windows CD into recovery console, log on to your Windows installation (requires Administrator password), then enter "disable sptd" (without quotes), then exit to reboot.
      And try latest SPTD layer version 1.62:
      DuplexSecure - Downloads
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        Done already... uninstalled DT also. SPTD key in System registry is now set to value "4") No way.
        I'm now trying reinstalling WinXP on a spare hard disk I have... I'll let you know.

        MAx - Italy