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Writing Virtual Drive programs

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  • Writing Virtual Drive programs

    Hello there !

    I've been usin DAEMON Tools for a while succesfully. Recently, I encountered a problem of needing a floppy disk drive, and as I have none installed on my machine (I use USB memory modules), I failed to proceed in the task specified.

    If anyone here has any knowledge on HOW a program that emulates a drive works, I would be pleased to receive information. I am interested in writing a floppy disk drive emulator that would possibly operate on a specified directory (files written to the disk end up in the specified directory), and possibly support diskette images.

    Can anyone point me to the correct direction ?

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    (The board-zombie has reanimated itself and begins to post again! )

    I don't know a specific program which is capable of that, but did you ever think of not only emulating a single device, but a whole pc?
    There're numerous programs available, mostly as trials, too. If your programs don't need much cpu power, this would be a solution, wouldn't it?
    In most pc emulator, you've - of course, because it makes perfectly sense - a floppy image system.
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      Yes, the idea of using a Virtual PC software did come to my mind.

      However, the reason why I need only a floppy disk emulation is that I use my computer to create boot disks, or driver diskettes, which I then pump into a CD for easier maintenance/longer durability. Many of the self-uncompressing diskette image executables fail to run if no diskette drive is available.

      The Virtual PC solution is just too "huge" when only simplified floppy emulation is required.

      I also know now that there is no such software available. Thus, if the writer of Daemon Tools could give me at least some a hint on how device emulation works, then I could write the software myself. I am competent in CS Engineering, but I lack hardware knowledge


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        bad copy pro will make a floppy ISO go from there to mount it somehow


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          google the words " floppy disk drive emulator "
          you'll find some programs that can emulate
          a virtual floppy disk drive
          also find a program that makes floppy disk images

          and here are instructions on how to make your USB flashdrive bootable.

          I dont know know if it works because My computer didnt come with floppy drive
          either but I went out bought one. (very inexpensive nowadays)
          I also use USB flashdives as well, so I know making macking a bootable
          USB flahdrive works

          hope that helps


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   works well.

            Works well.. I also use it to make images that I later boot of my USB stick.

            Very handy for programs like Symantec Ghost that have a built in floppy builder.


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              here is your virtual a drive time 2

              this lets you make 2 fake a drives and lets you tweak and edit them all you want

              actual site

              program download

              please feel free to have fun at this time it is freeware
              enjoy Peaceout for now lol