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curious about samsung dvd burner..

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  • curious about samsung dvd burner..

    Hi Ive just gone & bought a Samsung TS-H552 dual layer dvd burner & was woundering if anyone here knows if this model is a two sheep or three sheep dvd burner & knows how it is for burning copy protected games.Ok thanks guys & take it easy.. :P

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    Iґve just bought one myself and I am *NOT* satisfied at all. Iґm gonna trade it for a BenQ, I guess. My Half-Life DVD wouldnґt even be recognized by that drive, also some (original) movie DVDs werenґt read properly. Maybe itґs because I was out of luck with my device and all the others run well. But maybe not.
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      There is a small test suite you can use to test how many sheep your drive gets, google for sheep.rar, it's only 23kb and contains everything you need to create the test images.
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