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Playing Metal gear solid 2 substance and other dvd games

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  • Playing Metal gear solid 2 substance and other dvd games

    is it possible to play games such as metal gear solid 2 substance or any other game that requires a dvd drive without a dvd writer or a dvd drive using daemon tools? I cant seem to figure out how. Do i insert the dvd into my drive and make an image using clone cd or what?

    I cannot try anything at the moment because i have no dvd to try i havent bought mgs2 because i need a dvd drive to play it which would cost me at least 40 bucks so please give me all the slightest details!

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    No way to play a DVD game without a DVD-ROM drive. A CD-ROM drive will never be able to read a DVD, there's no way in heaven Daemon-Tools could fix that.

    You can however read a DVD with a DVD-ROM drive using e.g. Alcohol 120% to an image on your harddrive and then mount the image to DTools'/Alc's Virtual Drives so you can play without having to use your original disc although you don't have a DVD burner.

    However you need to get the image to your computer in the first place, so if you can't read the image on another computer and copy the image to your computer (maybe via LAN) you'll always need a DVD-ROM drive on your computer to make the image.
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      You could, if you're desperate, download the image of the internet/IRC groups and keep your retail DVD as a backup, but that takes time, patience, and bandwidth.