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DVD/CD-R won't read DVD's and CD's

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  • DVD/CD-R won't read DVD's and CD's

    I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-5238S that has suddenly stopped recognizing DVD's and CD's
    I have updated the drivers and uninstalled and then re-installed the drivers...

    The drive worked for the first 1 year or so, then just stopped...

    I am running XP

    Any help would be great!

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    As a LAST resort ... take the drive apart and clean the lens.

    I had similar problems with a Plextor drive several years ago it stopped reading all discs ....turned out to be a few hairs across lens. Once cleaned in was back to normal for another few years ((o:

    I used a cotton bud with glass cleaner ....may not be the BEST cleaning solution but it worked fine for me (but be gentle)!!


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      Could also be a starforce related problem...

      try cleaning the lens, after cleaning the lens try to burn a disc if the disc does not burn correctly(buffer underrun) or the writing speed is very slooow then it is more likely an issue with starforce...

      and yes starforce has done this to me with my Lite-On Drive and to a friend of mine (whom also has a lite-on drive... mmm)...

      post another reply if the lens cleaning does not work, and i'll post a reply on how to fix the starforce problem...
      curerom @