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How crazy does DRM get?

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  • How crazy does DRM get?

    Hi, I have read that some games and software uninstall or delete Daemon Tools if they detect it on the computer they are running on.
    Does anyone have any confirmed cases of this (not only current, but past cases as well (can be when Daemon Tools first came out even))?

    Thank you for your time.
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    Can you tell us some sources and some examples you read?
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      hmm i think this was a case a long time ago.. like a few years, i remember some jowood game deleted the daemon.dll from the system folder (think it was daemon 3.47 at this time), which resulted in daemon tools not working... this was later claimed to be a 'bug' in the xprot / homebrew protector they were using at the time (quite a strange bug, takes an entirely different api to delete a file than it does to make one ;p)... but i can't recall of any except that which did an uninstall etc..


      found it.. ->
      check locutus' post (last one) - starting at @mEGALOMANIAC
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        No uninstalltion, but this was some strange behaviour:

        EDIT: i should more often refresh the site before posting ...or type faster
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          Only Wikipedia has said this. I thought (incorrectly) that it was a common occurrence, and wanted to know what game companies to steer clear of.
          I tried searching for such posts, but, after several searches, gave up, and started this topic.


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            Can you put wikipedia's link here, maybe they have put some sources about it there.


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              They didn't.
              Daemon Tools - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
              I'm not employed by Disc Soft and my views do not necessarily reflect the ones of the company.


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                I want to thank all of you who posted for doing so. (A formality, but I do appreciate it all the same.)
                And a separate thank-you to Terramex, who is quite thorough. Do you work for your newspaper?


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                  i think most people here just know how to use a search button and / or google.. you should try it sometime.. its great ;p
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