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after installing fifa 2003 from a .bin file it asks "please insert fifa cd2, click ok and restart application"

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    please make sure you installed game from Daemon-Drive, not from real one!

    BTW: What kind of problems occured? Game will not start? Any better description? Errors? Messages?

    And of course use latest versions of both, alcohol and daemon tools


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      i dumped both disk one and disk 2 images using alcohol set on safedisk 2/3, mounted them using a daemon virtual drive, installed from there.

      the kind of problems that occur is just that it tells me it needs the correct cd rom, which would be disk two.


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        you should mount always to the same drive!

        That means, when installing the game, use (just as an example, your drive in
        this example is drive g drive g: and mount first disc, install and if installation
        requires disc 2, mount disc 2. When you want to play, insert disc 2 in your
        first virtual drive (here: drive g: )

        Don't use 2 different drives to install (even not if both drives are virtual ones)

        To switch back so you're able to unmount/mount during install, press
        ALT-TAB and you should be back on desktop, mount disc 2 and click in the
        taskbar again on installer (in case game switches to own GUI during installation)


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          yeah, that's what i did, i used the same drive for both cd's, and just switched back and forth...

          one thing that i've found mentioned on other sites is something about the image being a 1:1 copy... what exactly does that mean, how do i check, and is it necessary to have a 1:1?


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            As you created the image with Alcohol 120% and used the right settings
            as suggested, it should flawlessly work. Did read-errors occur when you
            dumped the disc to hdd? And if yes, in which area those errors occur?

            What other copy-tools you've installed? Maybe CloneCD (and it's virtual
            drive?) Some of these tools are blacklisted already! Deinstall them and try


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              all i have for copying cd's is nero, alchohol, and daemon... i had disc-juggler, but i uninstalled that a week or so ago.


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                oh, and if any errors occured, i don't know about it.