Eagerly awaiting StarCraft 2

  1. Underheaven
    Hehe thanks for joining razor, and nice to meet you.
  2. Livxo
    hiho all

    canґt wait for the beta xD
  3. sheikah777
    with every passing day, i can see the oncoming storm from blizzard (wrath of the lich king, star craft II, diablo III) and i can forsee my soul being lost to those games...
  4. Underheaven
    "oncoming storm from blizzard" -> nice wording

    Haha yea wow, I'm amazed Lich King didn't come out yet. DIABLO III !!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't even know there could be such a thing.

    ... goes to google the latest rumors about Lich King
  5. Underheaven
    Aah, just found that Blizzard announced Diablo III on June 28, 2008 during the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational

  6. Melchior
    Star Craft's Pretty Fun, I only just discovered it last year but its fun and its still getting the occasional updates

    I just watched the other day a Battle report w/ 2 Developers going head to head w/ StarCraft 2
    Check it out! if you haven't already ^^
  7. Underheaven
    StarCraft closed beta coming soon : )
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