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Thread: Mounted ISO does not play, only opens files.

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    Frage Mounted ISO does not play, only opens files.

    Ahoy, hoy!

    I have mounted an .ISO in Daemon Tools Lite to both DT & SCSI, and I can only ever see files. It will not play, and my program isn't recognizing it as a valid CD.

    Please help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    ISO doesn't contain protection information and therefore the program isn't detecting it as the original CD.

    Recreate your image in MDX or MDF/MDS format with correct profile in DAEMON Tools Pro (first scan installation folder with Proteciton ID to detect used protection).
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    Quote Originally Posted by neoweibchen View Post
    It will not play, and my program...
    Which program is it ?
    Regarding the autoplay; it depends on the OS autoplay settings.
    Also some discs don't have a autoplay routine at all
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