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Thread: Installation on Vista build 5308 fails

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    Dint check what version deamon tools is showing on xp ... but the same install files works fine on xp, also on previous build of vista.

    This is just the info i got out of the vista solution stuff.

    For the emulations ... i dont really care if it can emulate or not ... daemon tools aint used for playing games only
    Just need to be able to mount the SDK image (to lazy to burn it to dvd). Still using xp for gaming.

    Anyway ... im about to reinstall vista, so gone try to install the latest version of daemon tools again ... i guess there must be a way to make it running.

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    Is this something that is being worked on? Is it important to the authors of Daemon Tools to support Vista? I do hope so.


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    Don't expect much as long as Vista is still in beta stage.
    When Microsoft officially releases Vista to the public, then I'm sure there will be a compatible version of DT soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshirey
    Is this something that is being worked on? Is it important to the authors of Daemon Tools to support Vista? I do hope so.
    Quote Originally Posted by Copytrooper
    This will be checked, but there will be for sure NO update to support a particular beta build only.
    Is this actually so difficult to understand?
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    Default Re: login as as another user under Vista

    Yes off topic.. but regarding the log on as another user button. If you hit ctrl-alt-del multiple times you can get the screen to change to a normal (enterprise looking) screen on Windows XP. You can then type whatever username you want (such as Administrator). I assume this XP method still works under Vista.
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    Version 3.33 is the best for the latest vista build, works fine.

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    Default worth a try

    Not tried it yet myself, but filedisk might work with vista... I'm currently running 5308 x64, haven't had many problems with it so far, infact it seems less buggy than the x86 version. Will try filedisk later, however it may not be appropriate for everyones needs as it has no security emulation on it 8( but hey, at least you can mount an image :wink:

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    Default thank you guys

    i ll be installing v3.33 thanks for the posting of tests results

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    Default Safedisk 4 on vista 5308


    First of all..... i wanna thank the discovery of the daemon 3.33 working great on vista!

    I actually played with Tiger Woods 06 (safedisk 4.50) and
    The Sims 2 Open for Business ( safedisk 4.60 )

    -I installed daemon 3.33 ( no emulation activated !!!!! )
    -Mounted the games to install them
    -Launched SD4Hide
    -Launch the game

    PS: Games are a little slower but run without bug

    My Config:
    MSI NEO2 S ( Intel 865PE Chipset )
    IDE0 : Master HITACHY 160G ( 2 PARTITIONS )
    IDE0 : Slave Freecom 52x CDRW
    IDE1 : Nothing
    IDE1 : Nothing

    My hard disk is partitioned! C: 120G - D: 40G
    Vista 5308 is installed on D ( Second Partition )

    Starforce 3 unfortunately not playable because 3.33 was not made for it at the time!

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    Default ...

    sfkilla23, does Starforce 3.4+ (or whatever Starforce 3 version comes on the games you have) work on Vista 5308 from the real CDROM?
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