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Thread: Installation on Vista build 5308 fails

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    On 5381 install also fails with reboot prompt for latest builds of DT and of Alc 120 with reboot prompt. DT333 also, as noted for V.build5365, fails at end of install with error on this build-->>
    "Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25030 (0x61C6), -536870337 (0xE000023F) . Contact you support personnel."

    Although I have to admit given others apparent success that this error could be caused by my MB as it's an NVidea which Vista apparently doesn't always play well with :-( ... Any of the other users getting this error have an nvidea MB?

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    Error 25030 means:
    You MUST reboot before re-installation.

    But as you're running on vista, who knows what resolution to try.
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006

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    I'm running 5381 build as well - and I've tried over 10 different versions and get the 'you must reboot' error (either an error code, or an actual dialog when using the SPTD installer) every time.

    If I install a really old version I get a BugCheck.

    As 5381 (or similiar build) is going to be an official MS beta pretty soon and thus be shipping to millions of customers - it might be probably worth taking the effort to fix DT for this build?

    FYI - I did get 'starport' to work on Vista 5381 but that doesn't let me play my backed up games unfortunately.


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