After hours upon hours of trying to make this game work I have finally found a reliable fix. Hope it helps others out there. First off, make sure you are using the "back-up" :wink: of the CD-ROM version not the dvd version. I had used and installed the dvd version, and I was having all the problems that are listed in these forums. I used a different "back-up" if the dvd and I still had the same problem. The errors varied from the authentication error to the missing module to the Emulation detected. I downloaded all the programs suggested in all the posts, but that %$*& still persisted. I then got the CD version of the game which was the clincher. I installed that using the latest version of Daemon tools, and installed the latest version of CureROM. Have been trouble free ever since. This game is awesome and was well worth all the effort. I hope this helps someone