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Thread: Warcraft III Help new here!!!

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    Default Warcraft III Help new here!!!

    I just maked a image file of the warcraft whit clonecd but men i wanna play the game its says i need to put in the cd i the CD-Rom. PS I have mounted image to the Virtual StealthDVDRom and turned emulation on its still doesn't work (I have version 1.0 off the game)

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    Use alcohol 120 to make the image. If your warcraft iii is fairly new, you should use securom 4.8x new with 1x dpm. Otherwise, use just securom new.

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    Since it's version 1.0, as Andareed said, just use the securom new settings to make your image. However, you should be aware that a good sub-code reader is required to make a working image of this game (and you haven't indicated your available readers).


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