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Thread: Frozen Throne (Warcraft-III) and Daemon 3.33

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    Default Frozen Throne (Warcraft-III) and Daemon 3.33

    I bought the Warcraft-III Frozen Throne game today, and made an iamge of the CD using CloneCD. But when I try to load the game with Daemon 3.33, I get the "insert cd...." error message.

    Anyone know if Frozen Throne is using a different type of encryption or something?


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    Please report back what kind of protection WC3 Frozen Throne is protected with (I guess it's SecuROM V4.8x)

    How did you create the image, what program was used?

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    You should also not use clone cd hide atip feature, since it is blacklisted.

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    Yeap, I think Frozen Throne uses SecuROM V4.8x, but I am not 100% sure.

    I used latest version of CloneCD to burn image.

    Which program would you recommend to create the image (eg. Blindread or Alcohol 120%) ?

    I do not know how to create a working image.


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    Use securom 4.8x new datatype in alcohol 120. Read dpm info at 1x.

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    Andareed, thanks so very much! That did the trick. I wish I could buy you a beer.

    Thanks again.


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    I wish I could buy you a beer.
    Just license your copy of Daemon Tools, I sent Andareed the beer then


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    I definetely will!

    Thanks guys.


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    I wish I could buy you a beer.
    hm, I don't drink, lol. Maybe you could buy me dvd burner instead? :lol:

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