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Thread: Deamon tool in a network

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    Default Deamon tool in a network


    Can anybody tell me if it is possible to store an image to a server and then work with this image on a client with deamon tools?

    My second question is: Can you tell me what different is between Virtual CD and Deamon Tools. Virtual CD can use images over the network

    Thanks Christian

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    There is no real difference. Only thing is that daemon tools offers more formats to mount and is free for personal use.

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    I'm trying this at the moment. I imaged some DVDs onto a network server, and find I can play them on a client machine using Daemon without any problems (so far).

    I was also using Virtual-CD, but found that it can't image encrypted DVDs, so I looked for something that could, and didn't use a proprietary image file format. (I thought that the ability to access images across a network was a special feature of Virtual CD, but apparently not.)

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    Yes, Daemon-Tools can be used in a network. Some netcafè's uses DT or similar programs instead of buying CD-Roms.


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