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Thread: starforce error..

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    Default starforce error..

    when i install a staarforce protected game....and i try to play it i get the error...."please insert the cd/dvd in another drive and press retry"...please help

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    Did you install it from the same drive as used for starting the game?
    Did you install it from your CD or from you image....

    Maybe you should redo the image making process and try to read out a high precision DPM.

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    yes i used the same drive to insall the game......a friend of mine didn't had this problem dough.....

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    Which game doyou want to install?

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    any game with starforce ...

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    When you get the "please insert the cd/dvd in another drive and press retry" your drives aren'tunplugged correctly. It's necessary to unplug your drives to get a Starforce game using an image to work for SF versions higher than 3.4.
    With older vrsions it will also work with deactivating your drives/channel.
    All you need to do is
    1. to shutdown your pc
    2. unplug your drives
    3. start your pc
    4. mount the image using DT 4
    5. start the game

    When you got the "wrong key" error then you need a better image. Therefore recreate your image with Alcohol 120% and enable the data position measurement (DPM) with high precision in the read settings and choose a slow speed.
    You've done all this, then it shouldwork.


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