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Thread: CureROM Official Temp Site Launched!

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    Default CureROM Official Temp Site Launched!

    Here you will find the latest news and the latest releases.

    Meanwhile our own CMS is still in the works.

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    Hey Guys Just thought you should see this:

    ! CureROM_122_Setup.exe: The file "CureROM_122_Setup.exe" header is corrupt
    ! \Desktop\CureROM_122_Setup.rar: Unknown method in CureROM_122_Setup.exe
    ! \Desktop\CureROM_122_Setup.rar: No files to extract

    this is what I get with every download of curerom, please tell me where I can get a "WORKING" download.

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    did you download that from offical site?? because, i downloaded it yesterday, and it works fine.

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    Default working curerom links

    i have just downloaded the 1.2 and 1.3.1 versions in order to see if links and files were ok and i've no problems.
    Try again.
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    Default down again ?

    i get

    "MyBB has generated a critical error and as a result cannot function correctly.

    MyBB Said:

    Error Code: board_not_installed"

    when connecting...

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    Also falls jemand Kontakt zu denen hat, sollte er sie darauf aufmerksam machen, dass jemand mit einer externen Datenbank ganz einfach mal lustige Späße mit der Seite anfangen könnte (u.a. ich, aber das will ich ja gar nicht).

    Edit: Oh sorry, English area. If somebody has a way to contact those guys, please do it, before some kiddies try to use that forum installer (URL removed) to have a bit "fun".
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    Default done

    Thanx for the alert.
    I mailed to curerom team to alert them.
    Maybe they are already aware of it but BBE's is right.
    It's done !
    DT 4.08 HE x86 - XP PRO SP2 - P4 3.2GHz - 1Go RAM - geforce 6600 latest drivers - Rock'n'Roll !

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