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Thread: Does ROSETTA Stone beat Daemon Tools ?

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    Use Alcohol to create your image, choose the safedisc 2/3 profile in the image making wizard and click next. Choose the mds file format and start creating the image. There should be displayed many read errors and it will take long time.
    Mount the image using DT and disable all emulations.
    Then try starting the program.

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    Thanks to all. I seem to have gotten there.
    Mounting language disk and running with no emulations.
    Sometimes it starts right up. Other times I get a message saying incorrect disk in place but if I click OK it ignores its' own message and starts up.

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    Hey I managed to copy the language CD. I used Alc 120% to make an image (used SD 2/3). Mounted the image with DT. But DO NOT USE emulation. Use sdhide. It runs!

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    I'm really new to this, but I've done absolutely everything the forum suggested, which other people said worked for them...

    1. make a mds/mdf format copy with alcohol 120% using the safedisk 2/3 option
    2. mounted the image using daemon tools, making sure emulation options were off
    3. tried using sd4hide before attempting to run the application

    Is there a specific folder I should have the sd4hide in so that it can hide the correct drive or does it just automatically find the mounted disk? After doing all of these, it still says that I don't have the correct disk in the drive and the application closes.

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    Daumen runter Wow.. so much has changed.. ;) ..a ? about Rosetta.

    Hard to believe how much this site has changed over the years.. last time I was digging around here was DT2.x or so and the website was

    Suffice to say I haven't had a terrible need to do battle with the reproduction of CD /w copy protections.. SafeDisc3 now.. ;0

    I also just encountered a Rosetta Stone Language CD set. I have read this forum thread and understand I should..

    1.) Use Alcohol 120% enabling the safedisc2/3 profile and make an mds/mdf image.

    The question I have is I would like to make a complete backup of the CD and not have to always have DT on hand for one reason or another.

    What program would yall suggest for me to use so that I can make a True 1:1 Copy of the disc with copy protections and all so that the burned backup CD I have would work as well as the original one? I understand there maybe some hardware requirements that not all burners would have.

    Thank you for any info.

    - Knight

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    Rotes Gesicht My apologies!

    I am so sorry. I thought there was just some horrible no-response going on. That kind of thing would be my luck. I will wait for my replies and posts to show up in the future. AGain my sincere apologies.

    - Knight

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    No problem, it was just to "lead you in the right direction".
    We currently think about a popup or something else that
    will notify the user of the above restrictions. Seems most
    users didn't see/find our announcement, which is indeed
    hard to find, it is just too small and no eye-catcher

    However, we work on a better solution, meanwhile we simple
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    Reden Me stupid. ;)

    Well probably anyway.. Its been many years since I have messed with Alcohol 120% etc. and back then the ability to burn with it was.. well I want to say you couldn't do the normal kind of burn operations but you probably could burn images.. anyhow.. thats the mindset I was operating under when I asked my question above.

    For now right me off as stupid while I get Alcohol 120% and do the safedisc2/3 image dump and then I am going to burn it with Alcohol 120% and see how that backup of the original works.

    Thank you please drive through.

    - Knight

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    Default Insert Correct Disk Message

    Quote Originally Posted by compton384
    [...] snip
    1. make a mds/mdf format copy with alcohol 120% using the safedisk 2/3 option
    2. mounted the image using daemon tools, making sure emulation options were off
    3. tried using sd4hide before attempting to run the application

    [...] Snip [...] it still says that I don't have the correct disk in the drive and the application closes.
    Well I created the image using Alcohol 120% "Image Making Wizard" choosing the mds/mdf-format using the "SafeDisk 2/3" profile as suggested.

    I can mount the resulting image in Daemon Tools (as was suggested also) and run it OK. However, I seem to be able to mount it in Alcohol 120% and run it also equally well, so my first question is why do I even need Daemon Tools? Alcohol 120% seems to run the image just fine.

    Secondly, while it is great and faster to run the program using the image mounted from within Alcohol 120% (or Daemon-Tools) as a Virtual CD, my original purpose remains to make a physical backup copy of this CD which will function.

    Yet when I use the Alcohol 120% "Image Burning Wizard" to burn a CD from the same image that runs OK as a virtual CD, when I try to run the program using the physical CD I have created, either the program hangs at the opening screen, or sometimes it gives me an error message saying that I should insert the correct CD and restart the program.

    Now when I first bought the Rosetta Stone program, I also got this error message with the original CD that the program could not find the Language CD and to insert the correct CD and restart the program.

    Rosetta Stone technical support had told me that this error message was caused by some incompatibility with Windows XP, and to solve the problem I should go to the Properties of the installed program, the Compatibility Tab, and check the box for "Run in Compatibility Mode for" and choose "Windows NT (Service Pack 5)", and it would cure the problem.... in fact it did cure the problem.

    Now however when running the program and using the physical CD I created with the Alcohol 120% "Image Burning Wizard" from the image I made using the Alcohol 120% "Image Making Wizard", I once again am getting this message about inserting the correct CD, or the computer hanging.

    Is there another write option other than the default one I used "RAW DAO" within the Alcohol 120% "Image Burning Wizard" which I could choose to create this physical CD which would allow it to function properly once created? Or something else I could do that I am not doing?

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    You can't make 1/1 copy of safedisk protected cd because it is very hard to reproduce correctly the bad sectors used to identify the disk as original and there is a small amount of writers which can do that.Look this article for more information -

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